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Cho Oyu 2008 : Italian Expedition
At an altitude of 8.201 metres there is a point, between the earth and the sky, which is indicated on maps as Cho Oyu. It’s the sixth highest mountain on our small planet earth. "Cho Oyu 2008" is an Italian expedition which, between august and october 2008, will attempt to climb the more than 8 km of rock and snow in alpine style and without oxygen. .. Leggi Tutto...
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Nicola - Friday 03 October 2008 -
Today, meanwhile we are leaving the base camp, arrive the worst news from camp 2: a member of international expedtion died descending from the summit. The news reported that other two people are in difficult condition in camp 2, waiting for help.

update october the 5th: the Field Touring website confirm today the fatal accident. Guy Lavaille died on Cho Oyu in the early morning of october the 3th.

Our deep and sincere condolences to all his family and friends.
lorenzo - Wednesday 01 October 2008 -
No Cho Oyu summit this year for us.

But we know, it's life.

Tomorrow we'll leave the abc with the serenity that we had before this great adventure.
lorenzo - Tuesday 30 September 2008 -
Nicola and Fabrizio are now in Camp 2 at 7340 meters.

A difficult climbing today but finally with good weather and a great sun.
lorenzo - Sunday 28 September 2008 -
Strong strong wind on Cho Oyu in this last sunday of Septmeber.

Great problems for a lot of tents in camp 1 and camp 2.

A lot of climbers come down.

Fausto and Daniele are now at abc after a night in camp 1.Nicola and Fabrizio will sleep the second night at camp 1 and tomorrow, if weather condition will be better, try to climb to camp 2.

Now in camp 2 there are other 2 italians (Giancarlo e Federico) that will come back to abc tomorrow.
lorenzo - Friday 26 September 2008 -
climbing cho oyu
The time is here.

The weather is good and maybe the forecast seems good also for the next days. We try.

Tomorrow the group started to reach camp 1, then tomorrow camp 2, and then... wait for the summit.

There are a lot of difficulties but.. we hope.
lorenzo - Friday 26 September 2008 -
This morning on the north face of Cho Oyu blue sky but strong wind. Fabrizio goes up to camp 1 and tonite he'll sleep at camp 1. The rest of the group will climb tomorrow.
lorenzo - Friday 26 September 2008 -
Little Video
lorenzo - Tuesday 23 September 2008 -
Wind and light snow also today. For our small team, two days of rest at abc after the attempt to reach camp 2 yeasterday. Meanwhile we are looking the weather forecast and maybe we hope for the next week end.
lorenzo - Monday 22 September 2008 -
Bad weather stop the climb of Fabrizio, Daniele and Nicola. They would reach camp 2 but they stop at 6700 meters. Probably they will come back to base camp this afternoon
lorenzo - Monday 22 September 2008 -
cho oyu morning
New week in Himalaya and finally Cho Oyu gives as a present a wonderful morning.

Departure at 10 am in direction of "camp 1" with the last thinghs to settle "camp 2" tomorrow.
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Ngima Sherpa
Ngima Sherpa
Ngima Sherpa will be our "guardian angel" in the Cho Oyu in 2008 expedition as it was in 2007 in Nepal on Annapurna. His agency "Pike Expedition" is a small. nice and efficiente family.
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trekking Cho Oyu 2008
Cho Oyu 2008 is also a trek flanked to the expedition that will reach with the same route the Advanced Base Camp (5.720 m) and then continue to discover the places, cultures and peoples who live up there, between Tibet and Nepal, in a challenging but equally fascinating journey.
In relation to "Cho Oyu 2008" a number of medical-sporting tests will be carried out by the medical components of the group.

Our activity on Cho Oyu will also see us involved the first ever trial of a new medical aid device, which we will try out in an extreme environment.

A “solidarity” project related to schools is currently being defined with Nepalese organisations.
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Even if the Reggio Emilia mountain range is not the Himalayas (oh no, it definitely isn’t), it is certainly a beautiful, fascinating and pleasurable place. A unique location, in terms of sites, sky-lines and complexion, starting from the strange and enormous stone called Pietra Bismantova, which was put there who knows how and who knows when.

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